Welcome to wonderland5


Hey there, welcome to wonderland5's newest little corner of the web. We are so glad you are here! Come on in and set a while.

First of all, let me introduce myself and tell you just a little bit about wonderland5. My name is Betsy Couzins and I started wonderland5 in 2003. Back then I was all about making and selling crafty things on etsy. I had a blog about crafty things and got my work published in craft books and magazines. I did craft shows and hung my work in coffee shops and galleries. After a few years I decided to broaden my focus to include selling vintage home goods and collectible toys on ebay and etsy. That has been my primary occupation for 4 years now.

I wanted to start this blog because the common denominator at the root of all these activities is a love of great stuff. I love art supplies of all kinds, vintage children's books, dollhouses and miniatures, scandinavian enamelware, anything with a galleon on it, Daher tins from England, those little chalet music boxes, and Fisher Price toys from the 70s. I love to search for treasures and then do lots of internet research on what I have found. I am a crazy organizer, delighting in creating systems and plans to organize all my stuff. My shelves and mantels are a constantly rotating curated show of stuff that I have found and loved at garage sales, thrift stores and antique malls. And finally, I genuinely love to sell stuff online. There is real pleasure to be found in helping someone find just the piece they have been looking for or never knew they needed but really love. it's a reunion that never gets old for me.

In this blog I hope to cover all these topics and more. So far, I have planned posts on a famous and prolific early pop-up book maker from Czechoslovakia named Vjotech Kubasta; the resurgence in interest in that classic of the 60s and 70s--string art (including a mini tutorial project); and a sneak peak into the miniature world that I have created in my basement.   If any of this sounds interesting to you, please plan on a return visit. We're always happy to see you.