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The faker the better: vintage plastic flowers from the 60s and 70s

  orange plastic flowers

I love fake flowers. The faker, the better. My favorites are the plastic ones from the 1960s and 70s--the ones that scream "I am artificial! In no way do I come from nature!"  I like real flowers too but I am no gardener. Firstly because I have Lupus and being out in the sun makes me feel horrible and sick but mostly because I am LAZY. And growing flowers may be rewarding but it sure seems to be a lot of work.

I'll tell you something that requires no work: FAKE flowers! Pick out the ones you like, pop them in a vase or jar and voila! Instant flowery happiness. They never fade or need more water. You could ignore them for a year or ten and they will remain unchanged and asking nothing from you. When you tire of them, stick them in your storage area until you want them again, they don't mind at all.

orange flower close-up

I love color, don't you? These vintage plastic flowers have amazingly saturated colors and some have really unexpected color schemes.

pink, green and brown--what a color scheme

Here's an interesting one: orange, dusty pink, brown and light olive green. This is not a color combination that I see much these days. And that makes me love it even more-because it is different and unexpected. Honestly, this particular group of fake flowers hasn't yet found it's place to be displayed in my home but I'm thinking maybe Thanksgiving? It has a very autumnal feeling to it. And certainly pink is very under represented at Thanksgiving.

one way to display fake flowers

I like to use plastic flowers in a variety of ways in my decor. Lots of these flower arrangements come already attached to a plastic circle base as they were for use in a bowl or as a candle surround. I find this makes it really simple to just hang them on the wall with other display items. The above is a hall in my home that I rearrange fairly frequently. A small nail will hold this arrangement perfectly as it weighs very little.

plastic yellow rose close-up

People say to me "but Betsy, what about the dust issue? These fake flowers seem like real dust and dander traps." To which I reply "Have you seen my house? Obviously dust is not a huge concern to me."  but of course it is. Because dust is dead skin and stuff and that is totally gross. But here's the thing--these flowers are made of plastic--completely! Unlike the modern fake flower which is silk and fabric, you can run these arrangements directly under your faucet to clean them. Give them a little rub to get the sticky stuff off, put them outside in the sun to dry for an hour or two and you are set for the next calendar year.

ohai fake flowers!

"Ohai fake flowers!" Even a small stem of plastic flowers can really make a display extra special. Like most of my collections, I get my flowers at the thrift store or yard sales. Most of these shown were purchased at the Goodwill Outlet store where you pay by the pound. You can get a lot of fake flowers for just a few bucks. Don't worry if they look a bit grubby--they clean up well. And you will enjoy them for years--and years--to come!

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