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Roombox: Blue Hutch

Cigar box room: Blue Hutch I have been a lover and a collector of miniatures as far back as I can remember. Real life in tiny form is just so appealing. The furniture is great but really it is all the little STUFF that I am rapturous about. Just as much as I like full size stuff, I like itty bitty stuff even better.

At last count, I have 12 full size dollhouses in my collection. All but two of them are tucked away in my basement storage area because despite being real life writ small, dollhouses are damn hard to display. When my kids were tiny, it was out of the question due to their extreme choking hazard nature. Now though, I could have one out--Jack and Anna are older and well trained in the care and handling of Mama's toys. But they just take up so much valuable display space.  And the dust, oy vay the dust! Don't get me started.

Anyway, a few years ago I found a great book on Amazon: (affiliate link)

Artists! Making tiny rooms! in Cigar boxes! Brilliant!!!

I like all those things--tiny rooms, art, making things...cigar boxes not so much. I got mine from a retired gentleman who runs a "Cigar Club" in town--one of the last places in the universe where you can smoke inside. Where the very purpose of BEING inside is to smoke. How I would have loved that twenty years ago! But now--ugh. The boxes reeked of cigar smoke. Luckily, a week airing out in the garage made all the difference in the world.

I painted and papered the boxes and selected with care the tiny things that would go inside. I wanted each to convey of feeling of *somewhere* and for the most part I think I succeeded. Eventually I will show them all to you but today it is the lovely blue hutch that I am featuring.

The hutch itself is a wood blank from a big box craft store. The doors don't open. I painted and distressed it to give it a nice patina. Then I chose what tiny treasures would live inside.

Cigar box room: blue hutch detail

I think most of these miniatures are ReMent from Japan. They make the cutest tiny food in the known universe. (Scientifically proven to rate 100% on the cute-o-meter) On this blue hutch we see a (starting top left) a chocolate package and a tiny tea tin (which may not be ReMent). Then a tiny jam jar with lid. Second row features two golden serving plates, a tiny cream pitcher with a gold accent on the handle and some lovely decorative bread. The third row has my favorite piece, the peach preserves jar that looks like a tiny peach. The spoon even looks like a peach! And finally we have some type of pudding mold on a plate.

I remember that I was reading a book about colonial America at the time I was putting this together and that influenced my sense of where this *someplace* was. The color of the hutch, the shape of the cream pitcher and other small details all contribute to the feeling I was going for. Of course there was no branded chocolate or printed jam labels in the Revolutionary War but since I am not trying to give a historically accurate portrayal, the anachronisms don't bother me.

When I was done, I put some hanging hardware on the back and hung it on the wall. Voila! A wonderful solution for those of us who love dollhouses and miniatures but don't have the space to display them all.

I will be listing this piece on ebay soon and when I do I will edit this post to include a link. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my Dollhouses and Roomboxes Pinterest board!